Friday, February 12, 2010

Angsted-y, angsted-y

The two guacamoles are heading back from California, chasing behind yet another blizzard. I was in the supermarket tonight reading packages of things to assess how many carbohydrates are in common foods: comparing bread to “sandwich flats” and pretzels to potato chips to rice cakes. Salsa only has 2 grams of carbs per serving; hummus has 4. Do any of you guys have a good reference site for diabetic diet info? I’ve been to the American Diabetes Association site and the Josselin Diabetes site and there’s just SO much info to ingest. I’m just wondering how I’m going to fill an over-6-foot-tall, 25 year-old man’s stomach sufficiently. Someone suggested the South Beach Diet i think? Does that sound right? I’m not familiar with it. (If you saw the size of my ass, you’d know I wasn’t lying!)

Anyway, the girls at stitching last night gave me a whiskey sour to calm my nerves. I’d never had one before- I think it’s my new favorite cocktail!

Pumpkin progress:


Not really very much; just that striped pumpkin on the right and the start of that leaf to its right.

Look what I found at BJ’s Wholesale today:


It’s not a real “Micro plane” grater, but it’s Kitchen Aid with “micro serrations”. I’ve had good luck with Kitchen Aid stuff, and it was only $8.99. Try finding a Micro plane for less than $13.

The gargantuan paprika is for Axe. A heaping tablespoon a day helps keep her nice  and black. I go thru one bottle a month. Another of my deep, dark secrets. And by the way, the USEF and other such organizations consider paprika a banned substance, just in case you were going to take your black horse to the Olympics.


Anna van Schurman said...

South Beach does restrict carbs, but I would need more information about why you're trying to control carbs to direct you further.

Xeyedmary said...

Because from what I've read, diabetics need to limit carbs because they raise blood sugar.

OnTheBit said...

I think a better question is why you are feeding a 25 year old diabetic :P Are you trying to make your daughter stay at home forever?!?! And I did not know that Paprika was banned! Go figure.

Glenna said...

I'm on the South Beach diet, for weight loss, since I'm carb-crazy. The idea of this particular diet is that eating carbs, especially excessively, sets up a craving for more and that severely restricting them by eating much more protein and some fat, especially in the beginning of the diet, breaks the back of the craving. It's pretty much true, although the diet is a bit repetitive. Think lots of lean meat, eggs, salads, low-sugar yogurt, milk, fish, low-fat cheese, etc. And no bread, cake, cookies, crackers, chips, candy or sugary sodas. I've lost about 20 pounds so far, which may not be what you're looking for for him. What I'd do in your shoes is go to the public library and check out a bunch of diabetic cookbooks and see what they have. And hopefully he'll be in touch with a doctor very soon. I would suggest he go to the Joslin clinic, which is in Boston--it's the best place for diabetics in the country, I think. Also, they have a good Best of luck to him--type 1 I'm guessing? He's going to have a tough time for a while probably and he is absolutely going to have to learn to manage it.