Monday, February 15, 2010

Many Thanks…

for all the diabetes advice; I don’t know why I’m so worried about Adam. Sometimes I need a Gibbs-slap up the backside of my head. I’m sure I’m way more worried about him than he is about himself. I’ll be sure to pass on your advice, and feel free to nag him along with me!

They spent last night in Woodbridge, VA with my brother & his family. I hope his two kids aren’t scarred for life! My brother is way too nice: he made them a hearty breakfast, and gave them the latest weather forecast before they set out, and offered them some lunch to take on the road! If they don’t stop, they should be back tonight.

Wyndham Needle works is having their annual Winter Sale. I bought these:

Medallions Pigalle

“Medallions” by Rosewood Manor and “Pigalle” by Long Dog Samplers. I’m pretty sure I’m going to swap out the colors for both projects…whenever I get to them! I also bought the 2 ”Mint Frost” Silk ‘N Color flosses for CaHRH. Several bloggers are working on this one, and it’s making me itchy to start. Here’s one. I KNOW I’ve come across more, but do you think i could find them now? Nope.

***Edit***found another link to CaHRH from my "low activity blog folder"

Dishes to wash, “24” to watch, mom to call….


LivnLaf said...

If you are on that huge time suck Facebook (but it's so addictive in a good way!)- Shakespeare's Peddler is doing a CaHRH Stitch Along and the pictures are fabulous!
You might notice some familiar names too.

Wanda said...

great patterns! Yeah...I'd have to change the colors too...just for something different.