Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aggravation of the Day

Rite Aid pharmacy's yellow sale tags.
I picked out an Almay eye shadow that was supposed to be 75% off (clearance), at least according to the tag attached to the shelf price for their eye shadows. It rang up full price and I called it to the cashier's attention, who went to look, came back & said "that sale price is not for this color".
Huh? It was a neutral color called "Cocoa". Am I wrong that if if almost the entire shelf of products is tagged with "Clearance" signs, including "Eye Shadow", it appears that the store is probably discontinuing, or the manufacturer is discontinuing that style, not just a random color?
So I had him remove that from my total.
They also had Pantene styling products on sale. The products were pretty orderly, not chaotic, on the shelf. The stuff I use was above a yellow tag that said $3.50; it is regulary priced at $7.99. In fact, the whole length of shelf below the Pantene styling products seemed to have yellow sale tags. Since I always have a $1 off coupon for Pantene, I grabbed the last two bottles. I get home, and review my slip (which I should have done at the store). While I was getting out my debit card, i missed the cashier ring in the 2 Pantene products at full price! I ran back out to the store and the cashier & I go to the shelf to check the price. Don't you know, in that row of 8-10 products, the only shelf tag without a sale tag was the stuff I got! Which wasn't immediately apparent because the products appeared organized above the appropriate price tag. WTF!
So I returned that stuff, too. It was difficult, but I avoided spending over $23. The thrill of victory.......the agony of defeat.

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Catherine said...

Next time ask to speak with the manager on duty! If the price is listed on the shelf they have to give it to you.