Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain, rain go away.....

I DO have some progress on BOTH new projects (woohoo!) but not the energy to take photos (PFFFSTT!) I went with Em Saturday to a used tack sale at a local barn, to sell. We met my aunt there & we shared a table; she does pastel animal portraits (very nice ones). And it was freezing!!!!
Sunday was spent doing all the things I couldn't do Saturday. However, I SHOULDN'T have done the 2 loads of wash. Too late now though. When I left for work this morning I had a 1/4" of water on the basement floor, and my sump pump cycling every 23 seconds. I left instructions for the 2 guacamoles to NOT flush the toilets for liquids, and try to keep a "solids" flush at 1 per person. I thought the weather girl said the buckets of rain would be easing up this afternoon, but no such luck yet.
The neighbors across the street were bailing out their basement (UGH- they have a split level- and it's finished!) at 5:30 this morning, while a strong smell of septic filled the air. (Theirs, I'm afraid.) (Or more to the point- I HOPE it wasn't mine!!) Luckily I have a huge collection of empty, large, horse supplement buckets and ran over with 4 more for them. They were appreciative. I almost didn't as pay back for all the inconvenience they cause me by their day care business (tons of cars blocking my driveway at 7 am and 5 pm) , but I figured it was better to take the high road and be a nice(r) neighbor. I told Em to NOT walk in the street puddles in case it was septic backup they were bailing into the street. (ICK!)
Once the rain actually stops, the water table starts dropping very quickly, thankfully. I scheduled a septic pump Friday as a preventative measure, anyway. Hopefully, I'll make it until then.
It could really stop raining right now, though, and I would be EVER so grateful! I woke up last night around 2:30 am when the rain started coming down hard; I'd almost fall back asleep and then I'd jump awake out of fear that the pump stopped. I ended up watching TV until almost 4, then getting up at 5:30. Not fun.

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