Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It Stopped!!!

The rain has ended! My trepidation at coming home to face god knows what in the basement was alleviated by the sound of my still-working sump pump, and the sight of receding water at the foot of my cellar stairs- which is one of my higher spots. Emily flushed the toilet, and nothing backed up into the toilet, nor caused the standing water around the lid of my septic tank outside to turn brackish, meaning that it’s just surface water collecting in the low spot around the cover. Knock on wood, but I should be good until Friday for the Pooper Scooper vacuum.

Here are my photos:

Quaker Halloween:

CS Quaker Halloween2

This one just pleases me to no end- the flosses, the fabric- I could just work on this and be happy!

Gingerbread Cottage:


Those confetti stitches (3 different colors!) were a huge PITA. More than several had to be loop-started because they were in the middle of no where.

And, unfortunately, it seems I’m only able to work on 2 things at once, because I haven’t picked Noel back up. I MUST get that finished by tomorrow! Maybe if I wake up tonight again…..

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