Saturday, November 20, 2010

Catch up…

Got the stuffing- it now comes in a 14 oz. bag, not 16 oz. And I remembered to get sausage, which I had totally forgotten. Maybe it would have helped to re-read my own recipes that I had conveniently linked to 2 days ago.

Started cleaning- OMG - a Herculean task. And daughter decides to “clean” her room which means a pile of empty boxes and bags left in the kitchen. That helps. That helps a lot.

Bob will be discharged from rehab on Tuesday, or Monday, depending on the note left in his room last  Friday when he had an appointment outside the facility. The note says his insurance pays thru until Monday, not until Tuesday, which is the day the doctors told him he “could” leave. As I told the girls at stitching Thursday night: “I want to go out in a blaze of glory”. That way I won’t have to even begin to understand this older-years insurance stuff, nor deal with nursing home conflict. Now that he’s got his discharge date, he’s gotten very impatient with all the things he’s put up with for a month: the kitchen leaving items off his tray at EVERY meal, the “yeller” across the hall, his gassy roommate, the nurses barging in on him while he’s in the bathroom “Are you OK?”. And honestly, after one month, he’s no better, if not worse, than when he went in.

I’m working on the end of that cabernet……


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