Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I don’t know why, but I have absolutely NO motivation to start any of my Thanksgiving prep work. I have to at least make the brine so I can throw the bird in to soak tomorrow morning. Crap.

That means I have to get up even earlier. I’m SOOOOOO tired this week!

In other news, Karma bites an ass!

The sh***thead who picks up his kid at the day care across the street, and repeatedly blocks me in or out of my driveway, backed into my much abused mailbox. He cracked his back window, and then made a brilliant observation: “but it’s my fault”.

I told him DAMN RIGHT IT’S YOUR FAULT! And get off my property and stay off!

Honestly, the guy is such a prick, I’m surprised he even knocked on my door to confess. My mailbox isn’t damaged; it’s just leaning more. I’d be on at least my third post if I insisted every one who backed into it replaced it.

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