Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I got a load (one cord) of firewood today. If I spent an hour a night stacking, it’ll take me over a week to get it all nice & neat. And somehow the tarp over my seasoned stack blew off or got removed, so now all that’s wet, too.

Bob’s on week 3 of rehab, and right now he’s no better off than the night he went in. The place isn’t too bad, it’s clean and the food is edible. He finished his course of antibiotics as they dropped his prednisone, and his lungs filled up again. So they upped his prednisone again- now he’s back at square one. The point of being there was to get him OFF the prednisone.

Ghirardelli chocolate is way better than Hershey's.

My barn owner is getting yet another new horse. They’re driving to Michigan this weekend to pick her up. So I’m barn-sitting yet again this weekend. Which now involves lugging 5 gallon pails of water to 2 stalls in the indoor, which is about double the distance from the water spigot to the barn. Plus the additional other “new” horse, which requires water. I’m going to be schlepping pails all weekend.

I can either do the French Country Star in variegated green, or the La-D-Da “’Tis Red” ornament in green. (Just because I’m tired of red.)

I hope all that noise the little cat is making is because it’s found a mouse.

Haven’t heard about the bone marrow match yet.

I really could go for something with cream cheese frosting on it. Maybe I should just make the frosting and eat that and save the cake calories…………….

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Anna van Schurman said...

Cream cheese frosting. I'll come help.