Saturday, November 27, 2010

I’m running out of NaBloPoMo ideas….

I was perusing Wyndam Needleworks, one of my favorite ONS, and found these potential stash enhancers:

From Rosewood Manor, this would be perfect for a guy present:

“Sailing Ships Sampler”:


From Ink Circles:

“Growth Rings”:


For the horse lover, “Fjord Ponies”:


From Waxing Moon Designs, “Halloween Fairies”:

From Sunflower Seed ( I love ALL of these- where have they been all my life???!!):

“Celtic Pumpkin”:


“Celtic Birds”


“Hilltop Seasons”:


“Tall Seasons”:


“Spiders & Bats- OH My!”:


And from The Workbasket, “House of Alphabets”:

I hope I have whetted a few appetites, or at least enlarged a few Christmas Wish lists!


Deborah said...

You know that I had a bunch of those at the store, right. One was a model.

Peggy Lee said... the sailing ships sampler and I think I have the celtic birds in my stash!

Very inspiring post...thanks!!

Anna van Schurman said...

Who designed Tall Seasons?

Deb said...

Going through Wyndham is definitely a place that will fuel your appetite for buying something. You've picked some good ones.

xeyedmary said...

Deborah- Which ones- the Sunflower Seeds ones?
Peggy Lee- You're welcome! %^)
Anna- Tall Seasons is by Sunflower Seeds
Deb- I clicked on "new Charts", and started going backwards and only got thru October! I'm afraid I'll find too many to choose from if I look further!