Monday, March 31, 2008

A cuppa...

I got my free sample of "Jamaican Me Crazy " coffee from Joffrey's Coffee and Tea Co. It's a flavored coffee, and I can't quite figure out what the flavor is... maybe maple syrup? Hhhmmm... their website says this: "Caramel, vanilla and coffee liqueur flavoring. ..." It would have taken me two pots to come up with that. I don't go for flavored coffees anyway; I find they tend to smell better than they taste, which frustrates me beyond belief.

Ms.Axeu seems to be doing OK; I took her for a 20-minute walk on a lead rope around the indoor tonight. I think she felt better after that. She was a wee bit crabby when I lifted up her blanket to make sure no swelling was going on underneath, even though I didn't touch her. Then I laid my hand along her spine to feel for heat (and thus infection), and while she put her ears back to say "Watch it, you idiot- I had a bunch of needles-big needles! stick me there 2 days ago and you just stood there and watched and didn't even TRY to save me!!! (And I'm a horse and we talk in run-on sentences)", she allowed me to run my hand the length of her spine.
Back in her stall, I scratched her withers on her favorite spot, and she said "Thanks".
That's the Axe, back in the day, winning at Suffolk Downs. She still loves her mud.

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