Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Look....

the other ladies at S &B do a lot of reading, and have all read Janet Evanovich. Joanne had brought #1-9 in & was about to bring them home, so I grabbed #1-3. I've just started #2, but, and this is the reason I've been declining borrowing books, if I'm reading, I can't stitch. All the other ladies don't work, and Deb stitches or reads in the store all day. I don't have time to read!!! I did most of the Harry Potter in bed at night, staying up way too late in the process.
Anyhoo- here's what happened last week on Creepy Kids: An Overall view:

And a closer view of the house on the right:

I love the purple silk for the berries- it's TGS "The Lavenders". (I think.) Those 2 berries are from one contiguous strand. Isn't the variation awesome??
Then I went temporarily insane and started this today at work:

It's LHN "Snowflakes". I'm substituting various WDW & CC's for the DMC, except the cardinal later on. It's on the recommended 32 ct. "Natural" linen.
Sorry to be absent this past week with stitch-y posts.
I've been riding the horse again since Emily went back. She (the horse) definitely gets too stiff in her joints when she doesn't get out to the paddock, so in all this crappy weather it's doubly important to get up there & give her a ride to loosen her up.

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Kimmie said...

I love, love, LOVE Janet Evanovich!!!!! Stephanie's grandma is my absolute favorite. I have to keep myself from laughing too loudly at her.