Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I've re-stitched a bit of what I ripped out, and added to other areas (I hate re-stitching! It's such a rub-it-in-the-nose kind of thing!). Here's my progress from today:

There would have been a bit more, except the masking tape holding the fabric to the scroll rods unstuck and I had to waste precious stitches tacking the fabric to the rod.
I had those missing bottom 3 pine boughs all stitched before. The red berries to the right of the bottom corner snowflake is where I messed up & didn't leave enough room.
Ms.Axeu is a bit on the lame side- she seems to be having a stifle issue, or a combo hock/stifle issue. I had to make an appointment for the vet to come out on Saturday. He's Irish, and very cute. I think he used to be one of the vets for the Irish Olympic team. He's very thorough, which is awesome for me because I can listen to him talk all day long- the longer, the better- I just love the accent! I can still ride her, but I can't work her at a trot very much, especially going to the right.
Oh- the Red Sox won the first game of the season today in 10 innings in Tokyo. Both Japanese players: Dice-K and Okajima got to pitch on their home turf. Go Sawx! (That's Sox with a Southie accent, FYI)

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