Thursday, March 27, 2008

Progress and I finished something....

Here's progress on FOS. I started the lettering:

It doesn't seem like I did a lot, but I finished this first:

Just Nan's Christmas Biscornu, Side B
32 ct Jobelan "Lambswool" with recommended fibers.
Ree, The Pioneer Woman, has created an all new website with all of her various sites available in one place. PLease check it out! I hope that link-y thing works- Anna at Stitch Bitch told me how to create them (Thanks Anna!)
Off to ride the horse. Emily rode yesterday afternoon, outside for the first time, and got bucked off. Landed on her head, thank god for expensive helmets. SHe was out briefly and has symptoms of a mild concussion, but she was spending the evening with her BF, so she didn't "want to waste time at an ER". He brought her back to school today and she asked me to look up the hours of the college health clinic (again, why waste her time?), so maybe she'll get herself checked out. Her vision was doubled , but back to normal by 10 pm. This morning she woke up very stiff and sore. People tell me that the worry never stops. I guess it's time to give up my fairy tale otherwise.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Your biscornu is very pretty. Your links work--yay! Hope your dd is okay; they're right though that the worry never ends. I still give my mother headaches. ;)