Monday, March 31, 2008

Ouch!! Part 3...

So the vet came to look at Axe; she has some minor lameness in both hinds, but she was very back sore, so he chose to treat that for now, so we can have a better indication of the leg lameness. One condition may be causing the other, and vice versa. The treatment involved multiple injections of a cortisone-type medicine along her spine- can we say MEGA-OUCH? I can start her back to work on Wednesday, surprisingly; he said to lunge her for a few days just so she realizes she isn't in pain, and then I can start riding again, and to work her everyday and build her back up. Since she doesn't lunge to the right (ex-race track thing) he said I could even ride her. She was still sensitive along her back this morning, though, so I think I'll lunge her to the left, and hand trot her to the right (until I run out of breath).
Now I'm going to try to do some stitching since my lunch break was entirely out of my jurisdiction.

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