Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Pizza night with my best friend- Emily is joining us too. The ol' Town Spa linguica pizza and greek salad- I can't wait! Emily got another "defective"cake:
"Chocolate Decadence" cake- it's a flourless chocolate cake- it's like eating fudge or a slice of dense fudgy frosting- chocoholic heaven! Thta's edible gold leaf in the center.
The other cake
was awesome too- that one was a chocolate layer cake.
I haven't stitched this week which is frustrating as I'm so close to finishing that biscornu!
Editor's note: Sorry-but I don't know how to substitute a word for a link yet! And any typos can be attributed to having a jiggly dog on my lap who wants scratchies. Problem is I type with 2 fingers.

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Anna van Schurman said...

To make a word linky: highlight the word. Click on that icon in blogger that looks like two chain links (or an infinity symbol). A box will appear that says: "http://" pop the link in there. Voila!

I'd have e-mailed you, but I couldn't find an address.