Sunday, April 13, 2008

Are YOU smarter than a Barn owner?

Brilliant man that he is, took in a former boarder, who had left a year ago during the great SilvaFalcoln Scandal Exodus. (I won't go into detail as key words in the story might tickle some search engines- causing people of ill-repute to make off-color, flaming comments or start trolling). This former boarder, whom we'll call...hmmm.... Rene- that's it...well, Rene bought the stallion of the disgraced former horse trainer, and being a great friend of the barn owner's golddigger girlfriend, needed a new barn to be at (ours is apparently the 4th or 5th in the past year- any red flags going up???) and barn owner said "Yes! By all means if it gets me into my girlfriend's pants again." I'll give you all one guess as to which paddock they put the stallion in (on the barn owner's say-so).
Um- yes- the paddocks with 4-1/2 foot tall fences made out of 1 x 6 boards, that fall off the posts if you so much as look at them the wrong way. This stallion being the one who can jump over 5 feet.
There are 5 mares and 10 geldings in our end of the barn, plus the stallion. 3 of the mares are stalled directly across the aisle from the stallion.
At least I finally convinced Emily to consider leaving.

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