Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Critters....

I've started adding wee beasties to my Creepy Kids (then it won't be "creepy Kids" anymore):Fruit of the Spirit 20

A squirrel on the right & left; the one on the left being chased by a dog. In the middle are 2 robins. I'm thinking a couple of cats and bunnies, maybe more birds.


Here's some more Snowflakes:LHN snowflakes 7

Stitch & Bitch was good tonight, although my dirty little secret - that I have a blog- got out. I didn't give the URL, but did say they could find it if they searched.

I gave Axe a walk around the ring on a lead rope tonight. Emily rode her last night & thought she felt great. Having her get outside every day really does seem to make the difference.


Marie-P said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog (have added you to the gadget drawing :). I LOVE the Creepy Kids, who is the designer on this one??? I have not seen that before, rally neat!
Snowflakes is coming along nicely...I have a 2nd home in VT where we ski...just love the snow!

XmaryX said...

Plum Street Samplers is the designer for "Fruit of the Spirit".
I call it "Creepy Kids" (or FOS)because in the lawn are supposed to be two very odd (in my opinion) children holding hands. Someone else blogged that they looked like Munster children- so I don't think it's just me! I decided to draw some little animals to replace the kids.
Thanks for the compliments, and for looking at my blog!