Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Suppose...

I should post a stitch-y photo, seeing as this is supposed to be a stitch-related blog.

Here's progress from FOS: Fruit of the Spirit 21

I added the flowers under the right side house, and a kitty to the left of middle. I think one more kitty should do it, and then I have to infill all the grass, and dp the text at the bottom.

I made a New York Crumb cake, recipe from Cook's Illustrated for S &B tonight. I'm too lazy to post the recipe (that would involve typing) and I believe one must "sign-up" to view content at America's Test Kitchen . If anyone wants me to post it, feel free to comment. I substituted sour cream for the buttermilk to no ill effects.

My wacky plan to go up to the barn early to avoid people actually worked- like buttah! I was done by the time AssFace boy got there, AND I was home before 6:30! Score! Axe was good. Definitely feeling better.

Speaking of score: I won a door prize from the Online Needlework Show! From Stikideen von der Wiehenburg. I get to pick any chart which they'll send after the show. I chose "Vierlanden Sampler Ancke" . Well will you look at all those link-y thing-ys!

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yardsailor said...

The sampler you won is a gorgeous lifetime project, I wish you many peacefull hours stitching it!