Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well So Much for That!

Poor Axe lost a shoe. I'm not sure if she lost it in the paddock, in her stall or while I was riding last night. I'd like to think it was while I was riding, so I won't feel so bad about riding her on her bare tender toes-y. I discovered it's loss after I was done & cleaning her feet. I took a steel rake around the indoor 2 laps to no avail, fished in her stall with a pitch fork, and looked out in the paddock (it was getting dark).

I called the blacksmith, who never answers his phone because he's constantly pestered by people (like me) who want (well, other people demand) instant service. So until I show up at the farm & there's a new shoe in place, I won't be riding. Which is kind of crappy for poor Axe who needs her exercise. I can walk her around the indoor. I can also probably duct tape her hoof. Hooves tend to crumble if not shod (unless your horse is used to shoe-less) and walking across rough surfaces.

She's such a good pony.

I also got Mr. Lawnmower started last night after picking up/raking most of the willow branch mess in my yard. He was a bit reluctant, but with some prayers to the gas-powered equipment gods, he gave a healthy cough of white smoke and sputtered to life. The grass adjacent to my patio had gotten taller than Chicken.

I asked Deb to order these for me thru the Needlework Show:                                              

Arelate Studios Sampler of Steeds

This is "Sampler of Steeds" by Arelate Studios. Just some funny equines.








Scarlet Quince Whistlejacket


This Is "WhistleJacket" by Scarlet Quince. It would be awesome if I could somehow convert this to a black horse! The description notes that the background is stitched and it calls for 87 colors! I think I'd use a hand dyed fabric myself and call it a day.



The Linen Sampler E Davis

This is "E Davis" sampler by The Linen Sampler. My best friend's name is E* Davis. She lives in a hip-roofed colonial- so I thought this would be fun to stitch for her.


Linda said...

87 Colors! You are just looking for trouble girl. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to see you stitch it after converting all the colors to shades of black of course.


XmaryX said...

This one will probably remain on the shelf for a VERY long time! It was kind of a case of "see it- buy it because you'll never see it again". I'll start it when I retire- yeah- that's the ticket!

Linda said...

You get to retire! I wish I could. I'll be out there with my walker planting plants.

yardsailor said...

Love your new choices, but whistlejacket looks like a bit much to me, maybe there is a program that would change the colors for you. I just saw on the Yarn Harlot blog that someone had come up with a program that will show you what pattern an overdyed yarn will give you when you knit it either flat or on circular needles, so maybe there is a xs program that will help you, just do some sleuthing. Missed seeing everyone Thurs. and will miss you next Thursday also.