Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's up?

Sorry- lost my blogging mojo big time. I also haven't stitched since last week. Been tired and pissed off about the stallion- hell- the whole barn situation.
I went up last night to ride after 7:30; a couple of people were finishing up outside, no one in the indoor, I turned on the lights to warm them up and by the time I was tacked, there were 4 other people in there, then a fifth came in. Two were this mother/daughter who have 3 horses between them. The mother had been talking to the stallion owner while I was getting ready and I heard her say how "Al gets here at 3-3:30 and stays until 8. She rides everybody, blah blah, rides her own horses blah blah" which kind of doesn;t explain why were the two of them riding 2 of their horses at 8:00 at night. That couldn't have been accomplished 3 hours ago??
With all the riders and a crazy jump course set up to block most of the perimeter and avenues of escape, I got 4 laps each cantering and trotting to the left, 1 lap cantering to the right, and about 18 laps walking, trying to position myself to canter without crashing into anyone.
Supposedly the stallion owner is "having her lesson" tonight at 6:30. I know because at least 3 different people have asked and want to watch, like it's an episode of American Idol.
So I'm going to try to go up before 5 and ride. Then I'll have a choice of inside or out.

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