Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back at it…

Quaker Halloween update:

CS Quaker Halloween23

I spent the entire Labor Day weekend dreading having to go door-to-door with a petition in my little neighborhood for a re-zoning issue. Speaking in front of a large group is my number one phobia; going door-to-door is a close number two. I waited until Monday evening around 6:00. One household wasn’t home and a second homeowner wanted to wait for her husband. So technically, I’m not done. And I’m already procrastinating about returning to those houses. Jeesh! I think I’m going to “forget” all about it. Yeah, that’s the ticket!


Chickie ended up being fine. She's back to all her doggie activities: chasing the cats away from her food dish, going up & down stairs again (I have to warn her to slow down), she even pulled out some of her toys. Thanks for your good thoughts!

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