Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knock, knock….

yes I’m still here. And I even stitched! Here’s Quaker Halloween:

CS Quaker Halloween24

I got the little motif under the  second “L” of “HALLOWS” done Thursday night at Jeanne’s.

I got my latest IKEA catalog the other day, and it tempted me to the store. I made the executive decision to replace my well-worn but serviceable Pfaltzgraff Aura daily dishes with new ones:


new dishes2 new dishes1

It’s two different sets- one green DMC 472, and the other white. Just dinner & salad plates and bowls, so  I still kept all my Aura serving pieces to use. The rest went into a storage bin in the basement. I love the bowls- they make me happy!

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Deborah said...

Great purchase Mary! I know that we all would to eat something yummy off of them. What are you making this week?