Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beacon House – HELP!

I worked a bit on it today, I had my day off due to horse shoes and a dentist appointment.


I added a friend for the first little guy and a dog for them to play with. I also reached the bottom border on the left.

Here’s where your help comes in: I don’t remember why, but I went looking for Beacon House chart errors the other day, and came back to Carol’s blog, who I remembered had started the piece and found floss errors, in addition to the HUGE fabric size error. I wish I had refreshed my memory about a month ago because one of the floss errors was those trees: they should be stitched in the darker green with lighter green “dots”- reversed colors from what I did (as called-for by the floss/symbol guide).

There is one more tree on this side below the boys, and 3 trees on the right side of the piece. Should I correct the colors on the 3rd tree, left, and stitch the corresponding color combinations on the right, or keep this combination for the left side all 3 trees and do the correct combo on the right or continue with combo on the 3rd tree as well as the right side? Mind you I really don’t want to unstitch both of those trees!


Anna van Schurman said...

stick with the "mistake."

natalyK said...

I would switch it up. No two trees are alike. It's never a mistake, you just made it your own.
Happy Stitching!

Linda in MA said...

I would make it a combination of the correct and incorrect.