Monday, November 14, 2011


I’m sitting  here trying to think of something even remotely entertaining to write about, and I remembered that I had posted a long time ago about a movie that featured cross stitching. Did it have the Juno actress in it?

Anyway, I googled “cross stitch in movies” and found this:

The Cross-Stitch

Has anyone seen this? Where have I seen the actress before- “Desperate Housewives”, maybe?

Then there is this: “Outlander”, a novel by Diana Gabaldon, originally published in the UK as “Cross Stitch”. This I found interesting, as I had found a copy of this book at the recycling center (the Dump Library), and thoroughly enjoyed it. I believe there is at least 2 sequels, but i haven’t searched those out .

Then  there are the web sites that generate designs for sale that I kind of think may break some copywrite rules, but while this site may do the same, they actually have a list of “Movies to Stitch By”, which they define as “great movies that show women stitching”.

There’s this story about pixelated people, movie characters specifically. I think Miss Anna over at Stitch Bitch, gave a link last week to Martha Stewart’s craft site for a story called “Family Portraits Cross Stitching”. Anna even gave the PDF link for the templates- these could be use to make cute Xmas gifts!

OK- the dog wants to lick my hand, so I have to go now. Plus dishes & lunch making. ACCHH!! 7:44 already???!!!

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Anna van Schurman said...

I haven't seen Cross-Stitch: The Movie (Short) but I may have to look out for it!