Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I’m a Twit I guess….

Can someone explain Twitter to me? I’ve had an account for over a year. I think I established it for a coupon deal site. (Which doesn’t even make posts anymore!) I follow about 40 people/groups/entities and four even follow me back (yikes!) I've made a total of 48 tweets. I mostly find it annoying.
I just _ don’t _ get _ it.
How do I view, or is it even possible to follow, a conversation between one of my follow-ees and someone else? It’s so frustrating trying to understand what people are talking about when there’s only one side of the conversation. (Unlike Facebook, which I mostly understand) What’s the deal with the “#” sign and the “@” sign? Not that I ever would, but how do you post pictures? How do you view things that are recommended by newscasters: “Follow on Twitter…etc.”
Why is this Twitter thing so popular???


Kimmie said...

Tee-hee. I'm a follower,too. Although, I did tweet sam champion once and he tweeted back. It was pretty exciting. LMAO

Denise said...

I got a Twitter account to follow a friend, then never went back.

I don't get Tweeting thing. I leave that for my 18 parakeets.

Google plus and Pinterest are the latest things that are boggling me.