Thursday, November 17, 2011

Under Construction…

More Beacon House tonight:


We had a full house at Joanne’s tonight- everyone showed up despite the rainy cold weather. We made plans for our Christmas party: we’re going to an Italian restaurant called The Chateau. It’s supposed to be fabulous- I can’t wait!

After discussion with Linda (no blog) and Deborah, I’m going to keep the 2 trees I’ve already stitched and stitch a mix of  the correct colors & incorrect for the following 4 trees.

Chicken was glad to see me when I got home.


Delilah I’m not too sure:


What a puff ball!


Deborah said...

We did have a good time tonight and Jeanne had the best pies!

Loraine said...

I have just pulled the threads for Winter on Beacon Hill, and I'm so happy to see you stitching it. Can you tell me what fabric you are using? It looks great. Thanks for the heads up on the color corrections. I was grateful that the store worker cutting my fabric was able to catch the huge error in the pattern. However, now I'm looking at my piece, and deciding that I do not want it to be that big. I'm considering doing it over one. Not sure I will have the patience for that! LOL.
Thanks for posting. I'll add you to my blog roll. I'm a seriously bad blogger right now. Perhaps I'll get an update done next week.

xeyedmary said...

Hi Loraine- I'm using Lakeside Linen 36 ct. "Vintage Winter Sky". If I remember right, LSL had "Winter Sky" and "Vintage Winter Sky". It's so hard to see on the difference on the computer, but the Vinatge seemed to have a bit more blotchiness (at least to my eyes/computer). I got the cut from Wyndham Needleworks out of Connecticut. I followed you back- thanks for looking at my blog!