Monday, November 7, 2011

What’s Next?

My fingers are starting to itch for Christmas designs. I picked out the following designs for my own pleasure, as well as some gifts:


Top: “Peace & Quiet” by Erica Michaels and “Joy Sampler” by Lizzie Kate

2nd row: “Merry Ho Ho”  and “Winter Sampler” by LK, “Barnyard” by Bent Creek

3rd row: “Sleigh Ride” by BK and “Sweet Nothings” by JBW Designs

Bottom row: “Think Snow” by The Sweetheart Tree and “The Holly Berry Sampler” by Bent Creek

“Barnyard” I’m going to stitch for a barn person. I can personalize the horse to look like her own. I think I want to do “Sweet Nothings” for my barn owner, or maybe one of the squares from “Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow”. She gave me that chart a couple of years ago. I think I want to start that next as my BAP, when I get Garden Grew done.

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Nancy said...

You have some good choices there!