Saturday, November 24, 2012

Best Laid Plans…

Spike TV decided to air a complete Star Wars marathon beginning at 9:00 am. I’m not  huge fan, I did see the first Star Wars way back when, and never saw any of the 3 prequels. I caught the end of prequel #1, and about 1/3 of #2, before I couldn’t keep track of rebels, clones, Siths, Jedis, who was a good guy and who was bad. So I switched to Science TV, which is airing a Fringe marathon starting with season 1. I know who’s good and bad on Fringe.

Chicken has had to go out about 8 times. It’s no wonder I get nothing done- or at least I can use that excuse. I did get to Joann’s for some stuff with my 25% off my total order. 6 more days of this nonsense, and I’ll be done…..

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