Sunday, November 4, 2012


I googled the word “stitching” and got a lot of interesting results:

Stitches Though Time” which is about a group of current quilters who have undertaken to duplicate the Jane Stickle Quilt, which was stitched in 1863 and comprised 5,602 pieces.

This story is about a New Hampshire cross stitcher  who spent ten months on a 24” x 18” portrait of a witch. I’m not sure but it sort of looks like a HAE design? The stitcher doesn’t identify the designer. She won numerous fair awards for her work though.

Craft of the Day”  from the Huffington Post. (Who knew??!!)

From Ireland, a story about the Knitting and Stitching Show, which is one of the largest textile and crafting events in Ireland, which started on November 1st and running for 4 days (this past weekend I guess- too late to get there now).

Two different stories, from Minnesota and from Georgia, about women who’ve displayed their work at their respective town halls. One woman’s stitching “career” started with a birth sampler, the other with a wedding sampler.

This story from the Philadelphia area about a quilter extraordinaire , described as “one of the best thread painters in the business”, and even has some works hanging the Smithsonian. This story has a small photo show attached- make sure to check them out.

There were plenty more stories, but you all know how much I love to type (NOT!), so you’re on your own to find those!

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Anna van Schurman said...

Interesting idea...I haven't googled stitching since I used to google "Stitching blogs" regularly searching for the others (few and far between). Now there are too many!