Sunday, November 11, 2012

Epic Fail!

So I did forget to post last night. I worked all day, then I had to go to one of those "buy-something" parties at my barn-friend's house. I got home by 9:15, and refused to turn the computer on- not remembering I hadn't made a post when I had my computer on after work. I believe my thought process then was: "you can write about the buy-something party when you get home". So much for that.
This party was from a company called "Trades of Hope". The products are fair trade craft items- jewelry, home decor, scarves, xmas ornaments, etc., from around the world. The workers are for the most part women in 3rd world countries. The Trades of Hope people set them up with a business creating these items from sustainable, local goods and materials, and work with them to ensure a consistent quality, sell-able product. The women get paid first, then T of H people back in the US. It seems like a nice idea.
Of course, I spent way too much on some items I normally wouldn't buy, but it kicked off my Christmas shopping, so that helps.
Plus I got to hang out with my pooper-scooper barn buddy Michelle for the evening, and met some of her friends that she's told me about as she gabs while we did our chores.
I miss my old barn tons, but Axe is fitting in nicely at Alice's. While I am now thoroughly enjoying being able to sleep in on weekends- it's been over a year since I could-I started doing weekends last end of October 2011 after Jodi got back from Worlds, I do miss barn chores.
Today I put that plastic film on some drafty windows. That stuff is NOT for women of a certain age who need readers and refuse to get them. I was convinced I had a faulty package of film because all the sheets seemed to be cut too short and I couldn't find an edge to peel back. Finally i measured a sheet and sure enough, one dimension was half as long as it should have been- telling me that the film WAS folded in half.
It took a bit of rubbing and crunching the edge to finally see the two plys, and then get my fingernail in between to separate them. So that's done. I am now procrastinating big time at picking up my tree limbs from the Hurricane- and thank you Anna & Krista for the info on "Superstorm Sandy"- it was very interesting. It's a terrible shame that the authorities had so much advance warning to the storm and for what ever reasons, didn't have the necessary follow-up in place.
Well, my computer is pestering me for a re-start to finish an security update, so I should comply.

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