Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And the Winner is....

Hawaiian Biscornu!

Freebie pattern from Tante Zolder (My Aunt's Attic)
28 ct. Jobelan "Summer Sky"
Thread Gatherer's Silk "Hawaiian Sunset"
As you can see, the beads did not happen. I started stitching it together, and I couldn't coordinate the thread & which stitch to bead onto; so i just left them out. I suppose I could go back & go around again with beads. Maybe later. Here's the back:
I started the 3rd JBW Designs ornament: Joy Love Peace Tree:
This is with WDW Thyme & Garnet threads and that 32 ct Jobelan "Lambswool" (same cut I've been using- it's really getting around!)
These are felt stuffies my Mom made. I forgot to put them away Monday when I got all the Xmas stuff put away:
Have to ride the horse tonight and finish making up some grain- college girl took her horse home to CT for the holidays with her bags of grain, and didn't bring the bags back. I guess she thinks I pop them out my ass like a 63" tall ziploc bag dispenser.

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