Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Day, Another Ride..

Well I got my fat behind on the couch last night and dozed off until 10:00 or so, complete with my stitching tote beside me. Then I went out & shoveled the driveway. I didn't have a lot to re-shovel in the morning, just one edge that had a little drift, and brushed my car off. I even got to work on time because there was lesser amounts the more north I drove.

However, the lady who's started leasing Axe by the ride, she lives in Sandwich, and she had a foot of snow, and her kids had a snow day, so she couldn't ride today as planned. That meant I had to ride again. I don't think Axe minded- I got the cameras working again on my computers, and I saw that they never put her out today. I don't know why, there are about 5 horses without snow shoes (Axe isn't one of them), so that means 5 paddocks free, right? The idiot barn owner rented out stalls to horses that he doesn't have paddock space for. So usually, several horses (not the barn owner's girlfriend's horses of course!) have to have half day turnout, so, theoretically, they all get out every day. Somehow, Axe doesn't seem to get out as often as the other half-dayers.
Yay me. And poor Axe! This really pisses me off the most about staying at this barn.

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