Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Small Favors

Well, she (the poor pony, that is) got turned out today, for part of the day anyway. I'll be MIA for a day or so- I have to file all that financial aid crap online- FAFSA & CSS Profile. And that gives me such a frikkin headache. I have a self-imposed deadline of the "end of the month" which is Thursday. I'm only letting you all in on THAT secret because I just realized that bit myself, just this afternoon. Somehow in my menopausal confusion, I equated "end of the month" with "end of the week". I'm only a day off, but it's my deadline for Pete's sake!!

Oh, and a word to the wise- don't opt to Print your tax return from Turbo tax- it takes about half an hour and 85 pieces of paper. They have a "save to PDF" option now- I suggest that.
Yes I wish I was here now, having a pint.

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