Monday, January 21, 2008

Back Again...

Sorry- but I didn't even touch a computer since work last Friday afternoon- just lost my mojo I guess.
I finished my JBW Designs "Joy Love Peace Tree" at S&B, and worked some more on Creepy Kids- it just doesn't seem to show the progress very well... subtle it is. I also found a new chart that had some great critters that I can use to substitute for the Creepy Kids on the front lawn, but since I also didn't open my stitching bag since Thursday, I can't remember what it's called.
I made Cookie Madness Oatmeal Scones- talk about the yummy! Then I made Bob & I a small pork roast for Sunday dinner before the Patriots game.
The game the game the game...I was nervous going into it (surely not as nervous as the players, but when I tend live vicariously thru so many others, it DOES become somewhat personal) and watched with baited breath thru the whole thing- those Chargers came to Foxboro with a hair across their ass, and those are the teams that make me nervous! But my boys came thru - go Lawrence Mulroney! Can that kid run a ball or what??!! Tom Brady looked.... Disinterested? Distracted? He did his job, but not well. I know it was cold, but he seemed so disengaged with what was happening on the field when he was on the sidelines. He didn't even look excited that he had won. The other event that pissed me off was the fact that CBS didn't show the coin toss. At the Colts game last weekend, they honored the winners of the Pass, Kick & ?Jump? ?Run? contest. A girl from New Hampshire won the 14-16 age group, and was wearing a Patriots jersey (all the other winners were wearing jerseys from their favorite teams) and the Indy crowd booed her! talk about low class. Anyway, the Pats organization invited her to participate in yesterday's coin toss because they felt bad that she was booed, but the network DIDN'T show it! That was like a slap in the face all over again! I hope her family was able to tape it themselves from the sidelines. ....
Anyway. The wee Manning boy is also going to the Superbowl- how crazy is that? ANd yes, the fact that the Giants gave the Pats a run for their money 3 weeks ago is not making me particularly confident, especially when the Giants have their good players back from injury. Brady better show up to play in Arizona, is all I'm saying.

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