Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm tired

It's been a pretty good weekend; I had to go up to work and do a double side job; I got half of it done (a 3-car garage) but I expect some minor changes, and I got a foundation plan done for the other part of the job so the contractor can have the surveyors lay out the footprint.
I went up to ride the Axe-inator for a bit this afternoon. It's been snowing all day and I thought it would be quiet, but it was kind of busy so I only rode for half an hour. She was so good for me. She felt like she was jiggy at the trot and wanted to run, so I tentatively asked for a canter, which she took in one stride (Emily's been concerned that other riders haven't been able to get the canter without some evasive trot strides first), and she was so lope-y and easy, and I was able to stick like glue to the saddle. Sometimes I tense up and start to bounce, but today was great.
I really hope to stitch on FOS this evening. If I get off the computer I can!

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