Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Progress...

On Fruit of the Spirit:

Here's a closeup- sorry for the blur- of the over-one crows:

I tried cropping this in Image Composer, but it retained the boundary box of the original. I need to learn some editing software.
I got a new phone today- my battery wasn't holding a charge- I'd make one 35 minute phone call & I'd get the low battery beep, plus pressing any function keys took so long to respond, I'd re-press, at which point I'd be 2 steps beyond the process I wanted - SO frustrating! So i left it at the Verizon store at lunch so they could check it out- the guy was just going to replace just the battery, but I offered to leave it for the afternoon. When I came back to pick it up, they had replaced the battery & the phone except for the battery cover! Evidently the software was corrupted in the phone and the battery "had some swelling". Yay me!
As far as my computer, I realized when trying to shut down, Xp had some updates to install; it's running good now, so hopefully that was causing "connection" difficulties as well as the click-lag. If there's nothing I can't stand (is that double redundant?) is loooong click delays! And my local area connection is "unplugged" again!! DAmn!

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