Monday, January 14, 2008

Wicked Awesome!!!

Snow day today! And you know, it feels better as an adult than when I was a kid having a snow day from school! MAybe becasue I appreciate it more.
Well, I shoveled out twice, wasted time on the interweb, made chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal for breakfast, talked to Bob twice, went up to ride the horsie (first time since before Xmas- Emily took care of that while she was home; she went back yesterday), didn't fall off; went to the post office for Emily, got a cup of coffee and now am wasting more time on the World Wide Web. I need to get my ass on the couch & do some stitching- like beat the crap out of that biscornu for laughing at me!
Oh and go PATS! And ha ha Peyton cry baby! The Chargers whooped your sorry ass despite the ref's calling EVERY penalty on SD. Could you believe those calls!!!??? Surprise his baby brother grew a set and kept it together to win. See Eli- all you have to do is let yourself be hit a few times- it doesn't hurt - really!
Speaking of hurt- I need about 5 Aleeves right now.
Where's that frikking biscornu..............

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