Sunday, May 18, 2008

Alright already!

Here's progress on both FOS (aka Creepy Kids) and Snowflakes:  LHN Snowflakes 10

Fruit of the Spirit 24


I'm getting close enough to smell the end of FOS- I'm at the point of really wanting this one to be done so I can get to something else.

Emily is licensed now to drive carriages in Boston; she was on her own today for the first time with a horse named Jody.

And Big Brown won the Preakness yesterday; now it's on to the Belmont in 3 weeks. A grueling mile and a half, a true test of a champion. My fave- Secretariat still holds the record- 2:24 and he won by a (another) record of 31 lengths. Hey- I just found this site- who knew?

Off to maybe stitch!


Anna van Schurman said...

My MIL was surprised to see a woman driving a carriage in Philadelphia. She's pretty progressive, but has weird ideas about what women can do (not should!). Is it because she lives in England? Or is just older?

XmaryX said...

I don't know- I never considered that it was unconventional for a woman to drive a carriage. Maybe it's the British thing? In literature the drivers are always refered to as "coachMEN", and every period movie shows only men.
Here in New England, I think there are far more women in the general equestrian population (except at the higher levels of Olympic-caliber competitions, and of course, horse racing- MEN- always have to be the flashy ones!), so it doesn't seem odd to me to see women driving.