Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Stitching

Some stitching blog, huh?

I just haven't had any ambition to pick up a needle; my boss has been erratic the past few weeks so I get too far thru my lunch break and then don't have time or inclination to open up my tote bag in case he comes back. The (very) few times I tried, he either came back or his wife came in or a delivery person came in.

Ms.Axeu had her teeth floated today. A horse's teeth continue to grow thru out almost their entire life; the process slows as they age. So as they eat and grind their jaws together, they wear high & low spots along all their teeth. About every 6 months a horse dentist has to come out and rasp all the unevenness off. Some guys use power tools- Dremel burrs- to make really extensive sanding go faster. She took about an hour to do- she had moderately severe hooks (very high spots) on her last molars & her first molars. These hooks can get so long that they cut into the horse's gums as they eat or are ridden, making them toss their heads or be inexplicably grouchy. She wasn't that bad, but she has been tossing her head a bit when I ride. It was bad enough that the floater thought she might have some issues eating until she gets used to her new "bite". ANd sure enough when I went to check on her tonight, she was basically gumming her hay- wadding it up into balls- making me nervous she'd choke, or impact her bowels. So I took scissors and hand cut a flake of hay (removed the rest). She's on a diet becuase of getting fat from grass, so she was SO hungry I gave her some beet pulp to put something in her belly. One of the trainers thought she'd be OK by morning. It was very weird watching her eat silently, with no munching.

Now I have to worry about her all night.

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dlyn said...

Hi - found your blog via your comment on PW's. Love your stitching, which I don't do as much I as I wish I did. I will be back to check your blog out some more :)