Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stash Alert!

Look at this behemoth:

Quaker Virtues It's 400 w x 320 h stitches! That would kind of qualify as an heirloom, don'tcha think??!!

Well, it's mine- all mine! I'll get started on it as soon as I finish "Whistlejacket".


Finally some visible progress on the grass for FOS (aka Creepy Kids):

Fruit of the Spirit 23 Fruit of the Spirit 22

Minor catastrophe averted: the green is "Avacado" by Gentle Arts. I knew I'd be needing more as of last week when I started the grass, and looked on Deb's racks tonight. Well, the dye lot has changed to a totally different color. Pissa. I pulled 5 or 6 similarly hued skeins, from Weeks, GA and Crescent Colors, and found a 97% close CC. I'm tweeding a strand of the old floss with the new; I don't think it's too noticeable.

No Snowflakes progress. :^(

FYI: if you've ever tried those dried off the shelf tortellinis, the Barilla brand is way better than the Ronzoni brand. But my Corona is helping with that problem.

LOST tonight, not that I can stay awake that long.

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