Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Woman's Work...

Yeah, I know- bad blogger me. I think they've put me on administrative probation.

So I'm trying to ride 5 nights a week, which takes about 2 hours of time, and I hate to eat before (old habit from high school track meet days), so I get home around 8:30-9:00 and then have supper. Plus now I have to spend a couple of evening hours a week lawn mowing; it's not leaving me much energy for even wanting to turn on the computer.

Last night I went up to just walk Axe because  Emily had come to ride her Sunday (and it still took me 2 hours because I had to make up grain), and she had absolutely NO water- NONE! Her buckets had been emptied but never re-filled. I filled one & hung it up and went to fill the second, and by the time I got back to her stall, she had already drunk down almost the whole bucket- at least 2 gallons! This wouldn't be so bad if she drank water in the paddock, but from the way I always have to refill one bucket every night, I'm guessing she doesn't drink much outside. I was so pissed off, when I stopped to get my lottery ticket, I bought a 12 pack of this:cinco corona It being Cinco de Mayo & all.

Here's my minute progress on both WIPS:LHN Snowflakes 9Fruit of the Spirit 22



Just a little fence on Snowflakes & down the hill with snow; and started the grass and added a kitty middle bottom on FOS.

My crab apple is blossoming:CA blossums

Off to ride.

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