Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

to all you muthas out there!

DSCN5970 These are from Emily.

I had to move the rest of the dorm stuff this morning. I managed to get the spot in front of her building. Several other parents had the same idea (doing this on a quiet Sunday) and we held the doors several times for each other. I got there, and Emily was at the store, or coming back from the store, and 2 girlfriends were asleep on the floor of her room, but were so sound asleep, didn't hear me knock. I stood out there for almost 15 minutes until one of them came out to use the bathroom. I can't even tell you how many trips up & down the stairs I made, but my trunk was full, I couldn't fit anything else in the back seat, and the front passenger seat was piled high as well. I had just gotten on to the Xway home, which was slow from a lane closure construction project, when she calls to say I had taken her prescription & she needs it tonight. Well, I know if I get off at the next exit, I'll be in a really bad neighborhood, from which I don't know how to escape. And even if I did, I REALLY don't want to re-trace my route back down Mass Ave try to find another parking space, run back up & down 4 flights of stairs yet again, then try to leave Boston AGAIN- so I said I'll mail it to her boyfriend tomorrow morning.

Bob was at my house when I arrived, but shortly after, his son called & needed to be picked up (Bob was using his car). So I ended up calling my mom & talking for an hour, then going to Walmart for some some things I've needed for a while. Came home and grilled a burger. Bob has a wicked annoying food radar- just as soon as I'm about to plate my dinner, he'll call. Or just as I'm about to start cooking something complicated, he'll call. So I ignored the phone & wolfed down my sandwich, which was very yummy, seeing as it was the first real food I'd had all day.

One of the items on my list at Walmart was 4-40 lb bags of salt for my water softener system -more fun on top of moving the dorm room. ANd i still have to go up & ride.

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