Saturday, May 31, 2008

Don't Fall off Your Chair

Posts 2 days in a row!

I'm waiting for the chimney sweeps to finish up; Axe gets moved after lunch.

Here's Fruit of the Spirit:

DSCN5986 I took it off the Q-snaps so it's wrinkly. I still have to infill around the critters with green.





I have to finish that ornament I started- today's the last day of the month.

I scored 23 skeins of silk off Ebay. With shipping it came to about $70, but I figured with the price increases coming, it wasn't too bad. It wasn't more than I wanted to pay and the colors are pretty is all I'm saying.

Here's my third lilac bush:           


It's a miniature variety and I think it smells the best.

It's been overrun with wild roses (that's what I call 'em because they make rose hips pods in the fall):



I suppose I could cut those back.





Chicken thought since I had the camera out I could bless you with her highness: 

DSCN5987 She's parked in front of my kitchen door where the floor is scuffed the most. Thank you, Chickie.

She didn't know who to bark at: the guy in the living room at the wood stove or the guy outside up at the chimney. She's so confused.

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