Sunday, May 25, 2008


I wanted to say "Happy Memorial Day" but that doesn't seem right- what IS the adjective to describe this holiday???
Anyway- Thank you to any and all service men and women currently in action; and to all the families of former and deceased members, my thanks as well.
No stitching (yet), but a lot of driving, unfortunately, some hamburgers and hot dogs, and lawn mowing.
I rode this morning, of all times, and it was perfect- no one there except the workers.
Hayley's been putting Axe out in the grass paddock, which would have been nice to know so I could cut her grain back (horses gain weight on grass and hay- it's the opposite effect of lettuce to humans). At the beginning of the week I noticed a half dozen ticks on her face, for a few nights in a row. I went to check on her yesterday afternoon and she was in the grass paddock with Hayley's horse (and very little water). She was out there again today, so I filled that water tub, and when I was done riding, I put Axe back in the paddock she was supposed to be in, which is dirt and little to no grass, hence, she had little to no ticks tonight.
Can't stitch if I'm typing (nor type if I'm typing either) so good night!

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