Saturday, May 17, 2008

Calgon Take me Away!

I DO have progress on Snowflakes (a wee bit) and FOS, but haven't had time nor energy to break out the camera for pix. I will try to do so tomorrow.
I picked Bob up today, and also what I hope are the last two bales of hay for Axe. Why the last two? Well, I'm moving her to another barn! YAY! my #1 choice still has no open stalls, but Ernie my farrier recommended this other private barn. They have an indoor- smaller than HBF, but still good size, an outdoor, only 7 horses (including the Axe) so it's very manageable- like being able to turn the horses out mid-morning if the weather improves, unlike HBF, where Axe stayed in all day today, even though it had turned glorious by 11:00 am. Plus- GRASS paddocks!!!!! She's going to be so excited! I had to order a grazing muzzle today, though, to control how much she eats at first. Emily knows about the move & seems to like the place. I took her there last week when she came home with the rest of her stuff & to ride. The decision to leave HBF was confirmed in her mind as Bob the barn manager described how quickly things are turning bad up there. I won't go onto any of it- suffice it to say it's turning into a very timely, very wise decision to leave while the getting is good.
So I cooked a couple of chickens in the rotisserie oven (yes, I have a "Set it and Forget it") and they were scrumptious (well, we only finished 3/4 of one- they were about 3.8 lbs each) but why in all that's good in the world does a chicken dinner have to require every pot, pan & serving dish in the house???? I have to say, that the only reason i can take doing all the dishes is that the chickens come out SO good!
I will try to post pictures tomorrow. Of stitching, not chicken.


Anna van Schurman said...

My cousin has one of those rotisseries. We did the turkey in it for Thanksgiving and it was so fab! Worth the horrible clean up. Glad you're getting a new barn for your horse. Sound like a lot of your stress will be relieved.

XmaryX said...

Thanks Anna- yes moving the horse will alleviate a lot of stress- I can go up to ride right after work and be home on the couch before 7:00 pm. I might even have time & energy for stitching now that must-see TV is about over.
The rotisserie oven, now that's another story!