Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Winding Down

Emily came home for a couple of nights. She rode her horse, so that saved some of my energy, but I went with her because I was supposed to make grain, so we were still home kind of late for me to stitch. Plus, Bob never picked up grain, so I still have to set aside yet another hour tonight to do that.

She says Axe feels great, but looks a little chubby (don't we all?). So I will have to start increasing my riding time. She & I can both use the exercise!

I took some photos of the lilac bushes in my yard, and progressed on FOS, as well as started this month's ornament, but somehow we ended up at home and I didn't have supper cooked until just after 8:00- when I said "EEEK!! American Idol finals are on!!"

I will try to find time tonight to upload some photos. After I ride. After the indoor opens up (owner's kids have it to themselves for their lessons). After I make grain.

Thank the gods for a 3 day weekend!


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