Friday, June 27, 2008

A Fine evening:

A splendid time was had by all I think; I know I personally gained about 5 pounds! We had so much delicious food (but unfortunately, no pictures- I totally forgot the camera!):

For hors d’oervres:

Cheese & crackers by Deb, our wonderful hostess; her talented quilter/finisher friend Cheryl made a blue cheese/blueberry/pecan spread; I contributed some fruit skewers & yogurt dip; Jane brought bruschetta; Joanne made chili taco dip.

For entrees:

Carol made an antipasti salad; Joanne made sausage, peppers & onions; Jeanne made baked ziti and a pot of meatballs & sauce; they also brought Bertucci dinner rolls; Jane made a chicken,mushroom & spinach bake.

For dessert:

            Linda made orange brownies, and I made vanilla cupcakes.

Please pardon me if I forgot you or something you made! I think I DID forget something, but it escapes me- I think an hors d’oerves.

Everything was SO delicious it was difficult to control myself!

Thank you so much Deb for generously opening up your beautiful home to our evening of debauchery! Little does the average person know how wild & crazy we stitchers can get – even without the liquor!

In horse news, the swelling in her ankle has gone down a lot, almost back to normal. Still no heat, which is the best part, meaning it's not inflamed or infected. I worried about that all day, and the fact that I can't ride. The blacksmith comes tomorrow, and hopefully she'll be well enough to take being re-shod. I'll also be able to trot her out on a lead rope so he can assess the "damage"- whether it's a problem higher up her leg.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me and Axe.

We missed Nancy terribly:

bunny wine 1 Her bunnies wouldn't let her out of the house with the sangria.

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