Monday, June 2, 2008

My Nostrils are FLARING!

in total frustration at Norton Internet Security and how much frikkin' system resources it sucks while running a scan!

Anyway- deep calming breath...... and exhale.......

here's my jackpot from Ebay:

DSCN5993 beautifully wrapped in tissue: an assortment of The Thread Gatherer's Silk 'N Colors and Soie d'Alger, which I didn't know was mfr'd by Kreinik. The seller also threw in a card of Coronet Braid #4 in Silver. I want to stitch something new right away! I haven't had supper yet, although I was back from the barn by 7:00. I took a call from Emily, who wanted a cookie recipe, then I had to finish mowing the lawn. Now I'm computer-ing. And drinking a Guinness which will probably end up being my supper as I know Bob will call as soon as my chicken is cooked. (I tell ya- he has radar!) Em's coming home tomorrow to ride.


I'm trying to post more often!

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