Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Worst Horse Mom EVER

I didn't post pix last night because Axe had an accident last night, in her stall, before I rode. She was on the chain tie, and spooked at something that caused her to throw her head up & back. Because she was restrained, she frightened herself, and fought to pull back harder, until she broke her halter, and fell back against the side of her stall, then down to her knees. She couldn't get her footing- her feet kept sliding out from under her, which made her panic more. I keep wincing still remembering how many times she tried to get up then splayed back down, until she was lying across the threshold of her in-and-out door. She caught her breath, then stumbled up & out, falling yet again. Finally, she was up trembling, with nicks and gashes all around. Lynne & Jody helped me by hosing her down, cleaning everything well. She started eating some grass finally, and walked out Ok, and put weight on all 4 legs.

I went back up after work, and repeated the hose down and betadine wash. She has a couple of bruises too on her belly. I iced one for a while. The other had a scrape across it, so I didn't want to make it wet after I sprayed it with antibiotic. I felt SO helpless watching her thrash in a panic- I was afraid to step forward & grab her halter in case I got kicked. I ordered a break-away tie for her stall- if she pulls too hard, it separates the velcro, and she's free.

She's been very good and calm at the new barn, but she's not used to some of the noises and startles when she can't see the source. Emily noticed it last week.


Here's FOS progress:

Getting close!Fruit of the Spirit 28

Here's my June ornament:

quaker xmas101 That's DMC 4210 floss. 40 ct. linen "Lentil", stitched over 2.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Poor horsey. Poor you. But you are not the worst mom ever!