Thursday, June 5, 2008

Silly Me:

I forgot to say that not only did I finish my May ornament, but I also worked on Snowflakes. Didn't have time to take photos though, because...........................

I made a chocolate cake for stitching night! Of course I was going to make frosting but someone needed frosting for some cookies she just had to have a couple of weeks ago, and I was out of confectioner's sugar. If I can get to BJ's at lunch and get some sugar, I'll try to whip up some frosting before I head over to Deb's. Otherwise we'll have to rough it.

If any of my fellow bitches (See- I'm including myself in that!!) read this this morning, could you let the others know? I don't have anyone's email addresses here at work. Thanks!

If I'm any kind of woman I'd also photo the cake too. It's the Chocolate Guinness cake from Cookie Madness.

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